Common costs

Common costs for Galnåsmyra Housing Cooperative consist of the share of repayment and interest of the common loan, as well as the operation/management of the housing cooperative. Additionally, payment to Verisure for fire and burglar alarm monitoring is also included in the common costs.

Nobl, through Klare Inkasso, invoices each shareholder on behalf of the housing cooperative monthly.

When you move in, you will automatically receive the first invoice via email. After that, you must set up a direct debit payment from your account in online banking.

TV and internet are not included in the common costs. You will receive a separate invoice from Signal Broadband for these services. The housing cooperative has a collective agreement with Signal Bredbånd which you can read more about here: TV and Internet.

On “Min side” at, you can see the monthly amount of your rent and what is included.