Common Facilities

Common Facilities Myrstua

Galnåsmyra has since autumn 2000 predisposed their common premises. The premises has kitchen with dishes for 60 people, large music system, disco lights, video / data projectors etc.
These premises is possible to rent for a reasonable price.

Rates applicable from January 1. 2019

For residents who live in Galnåsmyra:

Mon-Thu (weekdays) NOK 400,-
Fri-Sun (weekend) NOK 1 300,- (single day price)
Weekend NOK 2 600,- (throughout the weekend)

We can not accept bookings of premises longer than
6 months ahead. Ie, from the 1st of each month.
(Eg from 1 November to 30 May)

Non residents:

Mon-Thu (hverdager) NOK 700,-
Fri-Sun (weekend) NOK 1 800,- (single day price)
Weekend NOK 3 600,- (throughout the weekend)
Sound system and Video projector NOK 200,- daily

We can not accept bookings of premises longer than
Three months ahead. Ie, from the 1st of each month.
(Eg from 1 November to 28 February)

Rental time:

One evening rental: 1600 – 2300 (mon-thu)

One day+night rental: Starts at 1600 and ends next day at 1400 (mon-thu)

Weekend: Starts Friday at 1600 and ends Sunday at 1400

NB Myrstua can not be rented during Christmas or during new year evening/day

Rules for use of the premises:


The person that is listed as a tenant in the contract is responsible for ensuring that the following rules is being observed. In case of violation of these rules the tenant may be held financially responsible.

Minimum age for rental of Myrstua is 20 years.

Rent and charges: Deposit must be paid before the key chip is provided.

Valid receipt must be provided at the time of acquisition.

Use of the premises must be so that the use do not disturb the neighbors.

Leased premises must be completed according to the time provided in the lease.

If any of the interior (table, chairs, couch), toilets, washbasins, other fixtures, coffee maker, kettle, fridge, stove, all kind of dishes and glass, etc are destroyed or damaged, the responsible tenant will be held liable.


The premises must be cleaned after use. Tables, chairs and floors shall be cleaned.

Toilet room must be cleaned properly. In addition, all kinds of residual waste heve to be collected in black garbage bags and then disposed of in the container at the entrance to Myrstua.

Garbage has to be sorted: Plastic in its own wall-hung basket, clean paper / cardboard in its own wall-hung basket. Glass / metal in its own bucket in the kitchen. Food waste in its own bucket in the kitchen.

Dishes, etc. must be washed and replaced if broken.When using cutlery, crockery etc, this should be washed and put back into its original place.

Read the instruction manual over the dishwasher.
Also remember to wipe the benches and kitchenware.

Please make sure that the entrance is being cleared of trash, cigarette butts, broken glass etc.

In the case of bad cleaning a fee NOK 500 will be added – very bad cleaning NOK 1,000.

Sound system and Video projector:

Use of the equipment must be arranged in advance. The cabinet will then be unlocked and made available.

Use of the equipment shall be done in a way that does not damage the equipment. Improper use could result in liability.


Please note that parking and driving in the field is prohibited. Exception is taxi, disabled and delivery. Fines will be applied.