Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

In Galnåsmyra house cooperative we will strive to create a pleasant and safe working and living environment for all employees and residents. We continually work towards preventive HSE actions.

The Board informs the residents annually on the duties they have in terms of HSE work in the cooperative.

We will take care of the housing cooperative’s buildings and material, prevent strain on the environment and our choice of products and services should not harm residents or others.

These objectives will be achieved through continuous improvement.

Systematic HSE should provide better reliability and profitability.



To make sure that our area is a safe and pleasant place for both children and adults, it is not allowed to park inside the area. It is also not allowed to drive into the area – except is people with reduced mobility, transportation and taxies.

There is allocated spaces for cars with permission inside the area and on the ordinary parking spaces. Please don’t use these reserved spaces for ordinary parking.


The speed limit on the roads inside the area is 15 km/h, so please show respect to our children and each other. Drive with care!

Our parking spaces are reserved for our residents and guests only, so it is not permitted to leave unregistered vehicles, trailers, campers and other objects at the car parks. Also avoid parking company cars here. Park only in the designated fields.

Pest control


If you see something that could constitute a hazard to life or property, we ask that you to inform The Board as soon as possible so that this can be rectified.

With best regards
The Board of Galnåsmyra House Cooperative