Waste Facilities and Recycling

Waste handling and Recycling

Galnåsmyra has a modern waste disposal facility where the waste will be stored under the ground and emptied regularly. Traditional waste containers are often bulky, smelly and unestetical. Underground waste disposal looks better and is more hygienic.

General waste, food waste and paper waste can be disposed of in the nearest waste station. Every apartment has it’s own key-card required to access the waste disposal system. 

We request that other wastes, e.g. electrical items and waste that due to its size can not be disposed of in the containers, is not to be placed by the waste station, but to be brought to Iris or other available receive for treatment. Small electrical items, light bulbs/fluorescent tubes and batteries can be delivered at most grocery stores. Fretex has stations for the reception of clothes on several locations in the city.

Do not overfill the waste throw before closing. This will cause the waste to get stuck in the throw so that it can not be opened when the next user is to throw his waste. Divide the waste into smaller units and throw it several times. Cardboard and paper must be divided so that it does not get caught in the throw. Do not throw plastic / plastic bags in the paper waste – Load the paper waste loosely in the box and close. Be smart and show respect to the other users of the system. Use approved biological wastebags for food and organic waste. These bags are available for free in the city’s grocery stores.

When full container or errors on the container, we request that the waste is not placed by the waste station, but taken back or disposed of in a different waste disposal station.

The containers are emptied/repaired by Iris as soon as possible.

Plastic waste and glass/metal is disposed of in the nearest waste station  for plastic waste. There are three such stations in the area.

If you have lost or do not have a key-card, please contact our waste management company Iris.

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