House rules

Dear resident,

We would like to remind you of the importance of adhering to the house rules in our housing cooperative. Everyone has an obligation to contribute to a pleasant and harmonious living environment for all.

There have been reports of violations of the house rules, and we would like to encourage everyone to take this seriously and take the necessary steps to rectify the situation. It is important to understand that the house rules are established to ensure that all residents can enjoy their homes without unnecessary noise, disturbances, or problems with well-being.

Please read the house rules and regulations here (sorry this is in Norwegian only):

We would like to remind you of some of the most important rules that have been violated:

1. Parking: Please follow the parking regulations and avoid blocking other residents’ parking spaces or common areas. This will contribute to a smooth traffic flow in the housing cooperative. According to our house rules, it is not allowed to park inside the designated area, except for disabled individuals who have received permission from the board or who have a public parking permit for disabled persons.

See more here (sorry this is in Norwegian only):

2. Cleaning and waste management: Be responsible for maintaining good cleanliness in and around your dwelling as well as around the waste disposal facilities. Dispose of garbage and waste in the proper containers and avoid leaving things that could cause accidents or be a nuisance to others. Waste placed outside the containers at the waste disposal facilities must be handled separately from the agreement we have with the waste management company for emptying the containers. This then becomes an additional expense for the housing cooperative that everyone must contribute to through the shared costs.

See more here:

3. Noise: Please show consideration to your neighbors by avoiding excessive noise, especially during periods when others want to rest or concentrate. This includes loud music, use of tools, or other disruptive activities.

We sincerely hope for understanding and cooperation to solve these problems. By respecting and adhering to the house rules, you will not only contribute to maintaining a pleasant living environment for all but also ensure that each individual benefits from the same harmony.

We would like to remind you that repeated violations of the house rules can lead to consequences according to the cooperative’s regulations, and any financial or legal measures may be taken.

Please contact the board if you have any questions or need further guidance. We appreciate your cooperation in achieving a pleasant living environment for all residents.

Best regards,

The Board of Galnåsmyra Housing Cooperative

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