Missing name in profile

There are many users who have registered an account here at without having registered their name in the profile. Without a name it is impossible for us to check that the registered user is a shareholder or otherwise is a legitimate user of the site. I therefore ask that everyone checks if they have registered their names in the profile – and if not – please register your name here. You can find your profile by clicking on the house symbol in the black bar at the top left corner of the window when you are logged in. The link to the profile can be found in the menu below this symbol or in the pull down menu under your name in the right upper corner. Users who fails to register their name will be rejected access to the shareholder-only content on this site.

Here are the instructions for registering you name in the profile:

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How to register user

I will now repeat the rules for user registration here at

The username must be in CAPITALS and has to apply to the following rules:
Street name’s first letter, the house number and eventually the following letter (A, B, C or D) – eg. H124A, H113, G1A, R64D.
Spaces or other characters in the username is not allowed.

H = Hunstadveien
R = Reitmyrveien
G = Galnåsmyra

The username is parsed for correct syntax and if the attempted apartment exists. An error message is given if this is incorrect. Only one registration per share is permitted, and attempts to register other usernames than those that follow the rules above are not accepted.

If someone has questions about registration, or having trouble signing up – contact me at Do not contact the board or any of its representatives regarding registration and login.

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Privacy policy (GDPR) and email subscription

Hi to all registered users at

The new Privacy Policy GDPR will come into force in the EU on May 25. 2018. Since Norway is a member of the EEA, we will probably also be subject to this regulatory framework. The EEA Committee’s next meeting is on May 31. 2018, and the GDPR probably enters into force in the EEA area on July 1. 2018.

In order for our site to comply with this regulation, I have published a document that explains what we do with your personal data on this site.

The link to this document is published in the website menu Posted/Edited 2 weeks ago