The social group informs

Information from the social group about activities for residents in Galnåsmyra housing cooperative 😊

Watch Glimt’s away game against Ajax on a big screen at Myrstua on Thursday, February 15th at 9pm 💛🖤 Doors open at 8:45pm. Bring your own drinks, snacks will be provided. Age limit is 18 years.

On Friday, February 16th at 7pm, there will be a reunion with QuizMaster Liv Okkenhaug at Myrstua 😊 Each team should consist of 2 to 5 people over 18 years old. You can form a team and sign up, or you can sign up for the quiz and we will form teams 😊 Send registration by email to

On Saturday, February 24th at 12pm, we will make waffles and offer waffles, coffee, tea, and juice. The children can play with Duplo, play games, and draw while the adults watch from the couch ☕️🧇

The social group is working on more activities that we hope to carry out in 2024, such as reuse days, movie nights, Easter workshops, Halloween party, children’s disco, and nature trail in the local area 😊 Feel free to give suggestions and propose activities that you want, and ask both adults and children in the household what activities they want. Suggestions can be sent to or in the comment section below 😊

Finally, is there interest in a line dancing course? If yes, comment below or send us an email.

Regards, Alexandre, Elin, Cathrine, and Gry in the social group 🌸


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